06-12-2021 – 05-12-2022
12 Months


You have taken the 1st step in evolving you and/or your business with this FREE membership!

Whilst I do the work that I do, to keep me in flow with my purpose and personal social responsibility, it is always great feedback from your peers when they notice or can comment on your alignment with that purpose and personal social responsibility (PSR)

My Purpose is...... To Build Community Wealth and Well-being

My PSR is............ To alleviate Loneliness, Poverty and Homelessness in Australia and beyond.

Do you have a clear Purpose and Personal Social Responsibility (PSR)

If Yes then Congratulations, you have passed the 2nd step in evolving yourself and/or your business and can claim your 2nd step certificate from the link in the welcome letter to follow this FREE membership registration.

If No, then don't worry, you are the norm and you now have 3 choices.

  • The easy choice - Do Nothing, Nothing Changes!
  • The hard choice - Do it yourself, create your own Purpose and PSR and, Hope Things Change?
  • The best choice - Do it together, I will Coach and Mentor you to create the BEST Purpose and PSR for You and together, we will Make Things Change!

We understand you might not be ready to make a choice yet, so don't worry..... Membership is still FREE and always will be. Look out for the welcome letter to follow your FREE membership registration.