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If you are looking? You will find me in the sweet spot between economic and community development, building community wealth and well-being. I will meet you there! 

Policymakers often report that small business is the employment engine of their economy and that new and emerging companies are the primary sources of job creation.

Not only that, but these small businesses also contribute to economic dynamism and community empowerment by injecting competition into markets and spurring continued local innovation.

This fosters an environment where people connect through common interests and work together to overcome challenges and is a major factor in developing general well-being and good governance within a flourishing community.

Good governance guides are an essential part of every local government authority and, are an integral part of the policy framework within which local authorities work to deliver services in the communities that they represent and serve.

Welcome, my name is Allan aka Big Al Connolly. I have a passion for sustainable economic and community development which supports my purpose to build community wealth and well-being.

I have set out a number of scenarios in which we might engage in further discussion around the vary same sweet spot we are both developing!

Scenario 1
You are a government department, local council, national body, multi-national organisation, seeking an external economic and/or community development consultant or growth strategist.

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Scenario 2
You are a startup or small business with revenue between $0 to $2 million.
You are looking to evolve and possibly scale locally/nationally/internationally.  
You need some coaching and mentoring and to keep your blind spots out in the open.

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Scenario 3
You have heard me speak about Community Wealth Building online or at an event and you are following up on my call to action because you also believe that loneliness, poverty and homelessness has no place in Australia.

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Public Speaking
I am also available to speak at schools, universities, events, conferences,  Australia wide or abroad on the subject of Resilience in Business and Life.

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