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Speaker and Social Capitalist. I help create and implement Strategies for Sustainable Economic and Community Development so that Cities and Communities can become Inclusive, Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable. #SDG11

I believe there are three main ingredients that make-up Community…… 

How can you have a community, if there are no residents?

They are the most precious resource driving the social and economic needs for themselves, their neighbours and their neighbours, neighbours and paying their taxes, rents, and rates.

Policymakers often report that small business is the employment engine of their economy and that new and emerging companies are the primary sources of job creation.

Not only that, but these small businesses also contribute to economic dynamism and community empowerment by injecting competition into markets and spurring continued local innovation.

This fosters an environment where people connect through common interests and work together to overcome challenges and is a major factor in developing general well-being and good governance within a flourishing community.

Good governance guides are an essential part of every local government authority and, are an integral part of the policy framework within which local authorities work to deliver services in the communities that they represent and serve and of course, are paid for by the rates of residents and businesses.

Welcome, my name is Allan aka Big Al Connolly and I have had a passion for entrepreneurship since I was 8 years old.

Most people have heard the saying, "If you follow your passion, you will never have to work another day in your life"

Well, I say, Bull***t. I have enjoyed nearly every minute of following my passion, but to be successful, I had to work dammed hard! more on that later..... 

My success however collapsed after a life-changing event in 2008, when I went from Living the dream at the top of the cul-de-sac with my soul mate wife, and our two daughters to becoming widowed, a sole parent, and homeless.

"Everybody knows that most people are just 3 paycheques or challenges away from losing their home! Right?"

Following your Passion, which is usually your skillset, what you become good at if you follow it long enough, so by following my passion, I was resilient enough to turn around our situation after reaching the rock-bottom of Homelessness.

It did however take me 5 long, hard years to get my head above water again, to free myself from the quicksands of social support and housing and to see my two daughters graduate from high school and start their own journeys of life, career, and their version of success.

So, now I had a dilemma, the motivation of following my passion to make money had changed significantly, making money was just not a motivator for me anymore…… There had to be more to life than just money and I knew it!

It was then that a mutual friend introduced Dave Clare and I to each other.

Dave and I grew our friendship quite rapidly, as we were both leaders and looking to evolve. Dave’s Passion was to publicly talk about Purpose and especially within Organisations.

So I asked if he would become an Ambassador for the Organisation that had just offered me the role of Managing Director (acting) The Global Entrepreneurship Network Australia and he said Yes, he would love to.

Well, the next two years were incredible as I aligned my Passion for Entrepreneurship with my Purpose, Community and led delegations all over the world including India, Thailand, Turkey and Bahrain.

I also hosted Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 and 2019 in Australia and Dave launched his book Simplified and the Circle of Leadership whilst still being a trusted advisor and Ambassador for GEN Australia.

Since 2014, I have won multiple small business awards, been nominated and accepted as a Global Goodwill Ambassador and recognised as a top 50 influencer of humanitarianism by the International magazine eYs.

Finding my Purpose to be a Social Business and support Community brought all this success and now, I am offering my expertise in creating and implementing  strategies for Sustainable Economic and Community Development, so that Cities and Communities can become Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable 

How can I help you?
I have set out a number of scenarios in which we might engage in further discussion around Sustainable Economic and Community Development.

Scenario 1
You are a government department, local council, national body, multi-national organisation, seeking an external consultant to support your sustainable community and economic development.

Scenario 2
You are a micro or small business owner with revenue or strategy for revenue of $100k to $2 million or wish to undergo a Circle of Leadership Intensive Fast Start Program  

You need a trusted advisor and support to evolve your thinking and your business. 

You understand that you cannot do this alone and you want a seat in the Circle of Leadership Community?

Scenario 3
You need a speaker to speak at schools, universities, events, conferences, Australia wide or abroad on the subjects of;

  • Entrepreneurship - A Genius Guide to

  • Homelessness - Could never happen to you! Right?

  • Resilience - Your Business and Life depend on it!

In the first instance, you should outline as above your scenario for me in an email and I will then send you a quote in return. Please email your request HERE

I look forward to speaking with you.

Kindest regards

Allan Connolly

Global Goodwill Ambassador
Oceania Ambassador LunchIn Network
Circle of Leadership Community Snr Advisor
Founder/Managing Director of Kommuniti HQ
eYs Top 50 Global Key Influencer of Humanitarianism
Most influential in small business Hall of Fame inductee

YOU are YOUR own Creator!  Watch the Video

Acknowledgment of Country
Kommuniti HQ and I, acknowledge and pay tribute to the Noongar Whadjuk People and their Elders – past and present: The Traditional Custodians of the Land (Boodjar) on which we work. This acknowledgment also accepts the invitation in the Uluru Statement from the heart to walk together with First Peoples Nations across Australia in a movement of the Australian people.


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