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Greetings! I am Allan 'Big Al' Connolly, a versatile Community Wellbeing and Development Consultant/Advisor/Mentor, and an inspiring Motivational Speaker. With a journey rooted in both triumph and tribulation, I bring a wealth of lived experience, having transitioned from experiencing unforeseen homelessness to championing community wellbeing. Originally hailing from the UK, in 1992, like so many other Brits, I embarked on the journey to Western Australia, driven by the aspiration to live the quintessential Great Australian Dream.

Upon arrival, Western Australia was in the throes of economic recovery, with tales of daunting 17% mortgage rates echoing through the community. To establish stability, my initial years were devoted to settling into jobs. Yet, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, I ventured into founding the Buyerdirect Group in 1998. Over the subsequent decade, I meticulously crafted a distribution network across WA, earning esteemed awards and recognition along the way.
Amidst the pursuit of dreams, life presented unforeseen challenges with the untimely passing of my beloved wife Dawn in 2008 at the very young age of 38, and from the trappings of success to thrusting me into the heart-wrenching realm of homelessness alongside my two young daughters. Navigating through grief, solo parenthood, and the intricate social systems, over 5 long years, I eventually emerged resilient, reclaiming the essence of the Great Australian Dream in that we will be the proud owners of our New Home when I am in my 90's.
Entrepreneurship has been ingrained in my spirit since the tender age of 8, propelling me to helm various small-scale ventures with varying degrees of success. Yet, underlying all endeavours is my unwavering commitment to community wellbeing. As the Founder and Managing Director of Kommuniti HQ in 2019, a pioneering social enterprise, I am dedicated to fostering inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable communities, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11.
Presently, I am in pursuit of collaborations with businesses and organisations poised to effect transformative change. Equipped with adeptness and fervor, I offer my services as a Consultant/Advisor/Mentor, adept at steering medium to large-scale projects or spearheading smaller initiatives. My forte lies in forging symbiotic relationships with boards, directors, and management teams to devise and execute community and economic development programs. These programs are tailored to address Community Wellbeing and especially critical issues such as homelessness, poverty, and social isolation.
  • Proficient in co-designing and implementing community development projects across Perth, collaborating with diverse stakeholders and communities.
  • Skilled in orchestrating the safe execution of project initiatives, events, and activities.
  • Capable of managing projects, teams, and tasks, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Adept at cultivating and sustaining positive relationships with stakeholders and community members.
  • Experienced in evaluating the efficacy of community programs, discerning needs, and formulating effective strategies.
  • Proficient in preparing comprehensive briefings, reports, and client communications.
  • Accomplished in co-designing and facilitating events, workshops, and community gatherings.
  • Multiple Board Experiences
What I Offer:
  • Dynamic Motivational Public Speaking to ignite inspiration and drive change.
  • Proficiency as a Panel Moderator or Panellist, fostering engaging discussions.
  • Extensive experience in promoting community inclusivity and wellbeing.
  • Seasoned background in long-term consultancy, advising, and mentoring.
  • An unwavering passion for catalysing social change, community development, and collaboration.
  • Meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills in logistics and scheduling.
If you've reached this point, I extend a sincere invitation to connect via the contact us page. Let's collaborate to address your, your clients, or your community's most pressing needs.
Kindest regards,
Allan 'Big Al' Connolly
For further insights into my background, feel free to explore my LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/bigalconnolly
Acknowledgment of Country
Kommuniti HQ and I, acknowledge and pay tribute to the Noongar Whadjuk People and their Elders – past and present: The Traditional custodians of the Land (Boodjar) on which we work. This acknowledgment also accepts the invitation in the Uluru Statement from the heart to walk together with First Peoples Nations across Australia in a movement of the Australian people.
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